This digital atlas is a joint co-operation between the Belgian Biodiversity Platform and two Belgian Ant working groups: Polyergus and FourmisWalBru and was released shortly after the publication of "Verspreidingsatlas van de mieren in België/ Atlas des fourmis de Belgique" or the "Belgain Ant Atlas". All the data used for the digital ant atlas is published on the GBIF data portal through the Belgian Biodiversity Platform. All the data is published onder a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

This digital atlas is created to visualize Ant occurrence data pertaining from Belgium. For more information on the technical side you can contact Nico Noé. If you have interest in the publication of biodiversity data, please contact Dimitri Brosens


We want to thank the large group of collaborators who made it possible to realise a project like this. Without them both ant working-groups would never had been able to compose a large database. A list of all collectors, identifiers, people responsible for logistic support and other support would be a very large list to compile and moreover it would risk to forget people. So we decided to thank all of them here as THANKS to ALL ANT COLLABORATORS in Belgium and nearby countries. 

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Website citation:

  • www.Formicidae-atlas.be, accessed on [DATE] 

Dataset citation

  • Polygerus working group & FourmisWalBru working group, (2013). FORMIDABEL; The Belgian Ants Database, 27264 records, Dimitri Brosens (Processor), François Vankerkhoven (Content Provider), David Ignace (Content Provider), Philippe Wegnez (Content Provider), Nicolas Noé (Processor),  André Heughebaert (Processor), Jeannine Bortels (Content provider), Wouter Dekoninck (Principal investigator), online, http://ipt.biodiversity.be/resource.do?r=formidabel & http://www.formicidae-atlas.be, version 1.0 (last updated on 2013-04-19, doi * , GBIF key b528799a-2d52-4023-aa02-9ce081e3ca5f[BD1] 

Academic citation

  • Citation: Brosens D, Vankerkhoven F, Ignace D, Wegnez P, Noé N, Heughebaert A, Bortels J, Dekoninck W (2013)FORMIDABEL: The Belgian Ants Database. ZooKeys 306: 59–70. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.306.4898 Resource ID: GBIF key: http://gbrds.gbif.org/browse/agent?uuid=b528799a-2d52-4023-aa02-9ce081e3ca5f

Source data

  • http://ipt.biodiversity.be/resource.do?r=formidabel  

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