The Formidabel database contains about 25 000 records dealing with Belgian Ants data. The data in the database originate from collections, field sampling and literature. The collection data in this database derived mainly from the Ant collection in Royal Belgian Institute of Nautral Sciences and the nat collection in Gembloux (Collection Ch. Gaspar).

The Formidabel database is a joint cooperation of the Flemish ant working roup “Polyergus and the Wallonian ant working group FourmisWalBru. The database was created in 2002 in het context of the preliminary red data book of Flemish ants (Dekoninck et al., 2003). Later in 2005 data from the Southern part of Belgium, Wallonia and Brussels were added. Twice a year the database is updated with data from the North and the South of the country.

All the data in the Formidabel database are geo-referenced. Every published record holds the decimal centroid coordinates of the UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator Projection) containing the observation. The uncertainty in meters is the smallest circle possible covering the whole UTM square. The Formidabel database follows the taxonomy of Seifert (2007) for the most genera and Radchenko & Elmes (2010) only for the genus Myrmica.

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